Trial to Table

Food from our farm trials shared via the talented hands of local chefs
Jamie Swofford, Old North Farm and Utopian Seed Project board member serves yard long beans for our crop trial taste testing

Trial to Table Events

The Utopian Seed Project grows a wide range of crops and varieties with the aim of increasing agrobiodiversity into the food and farming system. We host food focused events and partner with incredible local chefs to showcase the crops we’re working with. 

Our food events cover everything from simple variety taste testings, to crop specific pop-ups, to our signature trial to table events, and larger sit-down ‘farm to table style’ fundraisers.

2023 Event Schedule

Celebrating Taro Pop-up at Whaley Farm Brewery

Taro Pop-up


Beth Kellerhalls - Asheville pastry chef

Beth Kellerhalls

Beth Kellerhals grew up in the Midwest where her family planned what was for dinner around the breakfast table. Beth mostly thought about dessert. After a stint in China near the North Korean border where she studied Mandarin and taught English, she returned to Chicago and enrolled in The French Pastry School. Upon graduating she first studied under Mindy Segal and when the winters became too blustery, she left for Los Angeles. She worked in pastry at a Michelein starred restaurant and then left to make Asian inspired desserts for Roy Choi. The late Jonathan Gold called her “something of a marvel,” and she has been profiled for numerous publications both in LA and here in Asheville. She moved to Asheville to be closer to family. You can find her creations in numerous shops around town as well as the Asheville City Market every Saturday. She is also part of the beloved trio “Ladies Who Brunch Pop Up” where she gets a chance to cook savory breakfast food with her co-chefs Terri Terrell and Michele Gentile. An avid history nerd, she loves reading about the Qing Dynasty in China and England’s Tudor Kings and Queens.

Jeremy Salig - taro pop-up chef


Raised in central Florida to a family where food culture was life, his formative experience was largely the osmosis of a Puerto Rican childhood. Tastes. Smells. Sounds, emotion, intuition.  Now, at this point in his life he has spent almost as many years in western NC as he had in his native land. His time here in the mountains has been experienced through purposeful learning, intentional training, seeking, finding and creating. His cooking style seeks to blend the flavors and techniques of these cultures. He’s held cook, pastry chef and head chef positions and done various pop ups in Asheville, Morganton, around Western NC.

Yunanda Wilson taro pop-up chef


aThoke Lay is a Burmese owned pop up series lead by Yunanda Wilson, owner and chef. Our mission is to highlight traditional flavors through a new lens and promote nutritious comfort food that is convenient and delicious.