Crop and Variety Trials

Hands in the dirt research to support diveristy in food and farming.

The Utopian Seed Project is a hands in the earth organization, trialing crops and varieties to help you get the knowledge you need to grow, sell or eat better food. This information is open source and will help the backyard homesteader, the farmer, the chef, the school gardener. Below, each of our three focus areas will take you deeper into the work we are doing. If you are interested in sponsoring a trail, helping out with a trial or suggesting a trial then get in touch! 

Exploring Varietal Diveristy in Southern Crops

We are conducting crop variety trials for traditional southern crops to explore the diversity on offer. It’s exciting to realize that the genetic diversity within many crops can give us culinary and climate resilient opportunities.

Tropical Perennials Grown As Temperate Annuals

We are experimenting with growing crops that are native to the tropics, but with some additional care can thrive and provide diverse food in our region. This is an exciting area of crop research with some incredible culinary and potential.

Promoting Underutilized Edibles as Food Crops

We are growing and assessing some of the many wild, native and underutlized food crops yet to be explored or fully appreciated. With some simple selection or breeding work, many of these crops could offer great culinary promise.

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