For the entire month of May AND June, Mollie will donate 50% of her sales commission from her Purium health products to The Utopian Seed Project. Basically, she’s just going to hand over half of her months wage to support the work of The Utopian Seed Project! Getting involved is as simple as browsing the Purium store. If you see something you like then place an order and use the code MollieCurry. You’ll get your super foods and The Utopian Seed Project gets some funds to continue crop trialing and education.

There are two websites that will support the code, MollieCurry: CBD products at Purium CBD, and health food products at I Shop Purium.

Why do this? 

Mollie is working to create a new paradigm and a new world where happy, vital people have the energy to be kind and care for the whole Earth. She wants to help tip the balance towards regeneration and away from destruction with food choices that lead to vibrant health and have far-reaching consequences for the individual, the community, and the Earth.

I want to support local organizations working to create resilience, fairness, and beauty by raising their visibility and donating cold hard cash via The Green Elevator Experiment (Everybody UP!). When you order, YOU win by receiving organic super foods, herbs, and supplements, AND you contribute to the health of the planet by supporting organic farmers, and local people working hard for a livable future!

Mollie Curry

Purium Nutrition 

Purium has been providing high quality farm to family nutrition for over 25 years. By purchasing Purium products, you are voting for non-GMO, Organic, fair trade, sustainable agricultural practices, and advanced compostable packaging. Every dollar spent goes towards lowering the carbon footprint and creating a ripple of positive change for your life and our Earth. Place an order and use the code MollieCurry.