We may be nuts, but at least we’re grounded #groundnuts

The groundnut variety trial is a large screening trial of 43 strains of groundnuts grown and saved by Dr. Blackmon after the discontinuation of the LSU groundnut breeding program in the 1980s. One of their breeding goals was single season growth and harvest as well as improved yields. Our trial aims to assess the yield potential and flavor of the strains with the hope of identifying top performers to take forward into future trials, as well as generating enough grounds to share widely.

On April 11 2019, The Utopian Seed Project planted all 43 different cultivars of the American groundnut aka potato bean aka Indian bean aka Apios americana.

3-4 tubers of all 43 cultivars bedded in and labelled for pre-sprouting (March 21st).

We planted the tubers at a depth of 4” with 2’ spacing. The vines will be trellised.

I chose the lower row of the trial field because it’s closest to the creek and groundnuts don’t mind being a little on the damp side! Most of the tubers had sprouted either roots or sprouts. The tubers came in a wide range of sizes and shapes!

Zoe was out in the field helping with directions and logistics.